Standard Grid Basic Framer Template


Standard Grid Basic is a versatile Framer template designed to elevate your online presence with a single-column layout and customizable widgets. Tailor the layout to showcase your work, links, products and more. Embrace Standard to create a truly personalized website that reflects your distinctive brand and style.

Each widget is highly customizable to allow your site to be completely unique. Easily adjust colors for the whole site within seconds.

Included widgets:
• (Latest on Framer) LemonSqueezy – Option to add LemonSqueezy product checkout directly within your site
• Website – a versatile link widget with optional icon, logo and image preview
• Message – let people know what you’re up to
• Mailchimp – let people subscribe to your newsletter

Check PRO version, it includes more widgets and features a 3-column masonry grid:
Standard Grid Pro

Preview / Demo:


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