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Studio Family collaborates with Order design office

By December 14, 2021December 15th, 2021No Comments
Elegant black folder mockup with reflective white text for presenting branding designs to clients, suitable for graphic portfolio displays.

The Brooklyn-based design office, Order, announces the launch of their new initiative, Order Type Foundry, or OTF for short.


They approached us with an exciting project – create design mockups specifically for the upcoming foundry OTF.
We created 13 new mockups specifically to present the two fonts Pastiche Grotesque and Plebeian. All mockups are now available on mockups section. We congratulate Order with the launch and hope you’ll enjoy the new mockups to create presentations also for your projects.

Following the philosophy of Order’s design approach, the typefaces being released will serve functional purposes and have finely detailed precision. The inaugural two families are designed by Benjamin Tuttle, also a Brooklyn-based designer: Pastiche Grotesque and Plebeian.

Pastiche Grotesque

Pastiche Grotesque is type design fanfiction looking at late 19th century Gothics through the lens of mid-20th century Neo-grotesques. It hypothesizes what a Neo-grotesque might look like if lower contrast forefathers like Akzidenz or Venus didn’t exist. How the Neo-grotesque genre — represented by the likes of Helvetica, AG Book, or Unica — might change if they retained the higher contrast found in early gothics derived from Clarendons/Egyptiennes (where someone had simply lopped the serifs off).

Available at:

Font design preview for Pastiche Grotesque from Order Type Foundry showcasing 5 weights in a bold, modern style suitable for graphic design.


Plebeian is an experimental sans serif text typeface that attempts to showcase the modularity found in Latin letterforms. Based on the idea of the ‘lettermodel’ as described by Frank E. Blokland, Plebeian breaks down curves into individual strokes, and treats them as if drawn with fat-nibbed marker. The result, while appearing chunky and brutish at large sizes, makes for an enjoyable reading experience at small sizes due to the squareness of its bowls and thick/thin contrast.

Available at:

Bold modern font design with text Plebs Census in white on a vibrant orange background, showcasing typography style from Order Type Foundry.