Dither 1


Set of 100 vector objects with a raw retro pixel/dither vibe. Yes, the pixels you see are actually vectors. (any grey pixels you see in the previews were created when converting to lo-res JPG, the vector files are perfectly crisp… because they're vectors :-).
All objects are editable, so you can change size and color. Suitable for events, logo design, business cards, apps, posters, brand identity, apparel, etc.

100 illustrator vector files
100 JPGs – black on white (6000 x 6000px)
100 JPGs – white on black (6000 x 6000px)
100 PNGs – white on transparent BG (6000 x 6000px)
100 PNGs – black on transparent BG (6000 x 6000px)
100 SVGs – white

PNG and JPG raster images can be used on the web or opened with any photo editing software.
and SVGs are vector files that can be used online or opened with a variety of vector software like affinity, sketch, CorelDRAW, Corel PaintShop Pro, CADSoftTools ABViewer, Inkscape, GIMP,…

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