Castillet – Elegant Sans Serif Font


Introducing Castillet: My Elegant, High-Contrast Sans Serif Typeface

For years, a particular vision has brewed in the back of my mind: a sans serif typeface that effortlessly combines the timeless elegance of classic type design with the crisp energy of the modern world. Today, I'm thrilled to finally unveil Castillet, a new typeface that brings this vision to life.

Inspired by Form and Function

Castillet was born from a desire to create a sans serif that would feel equally at home in high-end fashion magazines as it would on sophisticated websites. Its name itself is a nod to a sense of place — Castillet is a historic landmark in Perpignan, France, a city that beautifully blends the old with the new. This duality inspired the font's design philosophy.

While drawing the letterforms, I focused on achieving a high level of contrast between the thick and thin strokes. This contrast lends Castillet an air of refinement while imbuing it with striking visual impact. It demands attention but remains graceful.

A Font that Plays Well with Others

Castillet wasn't designed to exist in a vacuum. I firmly believe that a great typeface should seamlessly complement other design elements. That's why I've meticulously handcrafted both a regular and an italic version. Use the regular weight for headlines or body text, and then add a touch of expressive flair with the italic — the subtle angle brings beautiful dynamism to any layout.

I envision Castillet working brilliantly alongside a classic serif for sophisticated contrast, or even with another well-chosen sans serif for a modern, layered look.

To take Castillet to the next level, I've packed it with over 50 ligatures. These special character combinations add a playful elegance when activated. They transform standard letter pairings into fluid, eye-catching elements — perfect for a touch of personality within logos, headlines, or editorial design.


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