Sound Pack for Motion Designers


This pack contains 40 unique sound "Schnipsel" (snippets) and 40 original sound effects.
Listen to the sounds below.

Vincent Schwenk and Jürgen Branz teamed up to create an audio pack specially built for Motion Designers.
The source material is a mixture of field recordings and mostly analogue and modular synthesizers which were arranged and processed in Ableton.

The "Schnipsel" are meticulously crafted musical and sound designed pieces that work very well with all sorts of animations. There are 20 „high energy Schnipsel" which have a more dense and powerful, mostly beat driven sound and 20 „low energy Schnipsel" which are more atmospheric, ambient and deep.

The sound effects are split into short effect sounds for impacts / hits and longer textural,
atmospheric sounds. Feel free to mix and match them as you like!

You can find many examples of how to use these on the Instagram page of Jürgen Branz.
Scroll down to hear few examples ↓


Read more about licenses here

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