Glass Geometric


Glass Geometric is a series of custom textures ready to use with the Glass filter in Adobe Photoshop. As the name implies, its purpose is to create realistic looking glass in any document. This texture pack comes with 8 glass textures made by martyr⁠—. Designed to be easy and simple to use.

• 8 geometric glass textures
• Tweak anything with ease: texture scaling, amount of distortion, smoothness, blur, shadows, borders and more
• Includes glass_base: a Photoshop Action that will save you time by automatically set the entire layer structure.
• You can stack and combine glass textures to achieve more unique results
• 100% customizable glass shape. Just drop the layer with the shape you want, even typography layers can be used.
• Extra SVG shapes ready to use
• Quick and advanced guides were crafted to help you get the most of out it.


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