100 Tileable 4K Design & Realistic Textures Pt.02


Finally here it is: My second big texture pack. This time the materials are realistic and only few of them are abstract.

The pack is focusing on cloth and paper materials but there are also some plastic, wood, perforated and mixed ones. I also made a top 10 selection of my favorite textures.
They're all tileable, they contain the usual maps for PBR rendering. Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Opacity, Displacement, Metallness (if needed) and they work for any render engines. All shaders do have a simple preview and to make it clear: these are textures, not shaders (so you need to create them on your own).

The pack also includes a 13min long tutorial how to set up everything in C4D and Redshift (easy to adapt for Octane), a 2min long intro and overview. Plus the C4D file with a ready to go setup, everything in there is set up.


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