New Grotesk


A timeless sans with a classic early 20th century grotesk aesthetic. It’s neutral appearance and well balanced proportions allow it to be equipped for a variety of typographic applications.

The Studio edition was released October of 2020 with 5 weights ranging from Light to Bold. It currently supports Western, Central and South-Eastern European regions.

• Language Support: Latin A Extended — Central, Western & South-Eastern European regions
• Weights: Light, Regular, Medium, Semi-Bold, Bold. Supports italics for all weights.
• Features: 14 Stylistic sets (OpenType) with a total of 652 glyphs


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New Grotesk Light
New Grotesk Light Italic
New Grotesk Regular
New Grotesk Italic
New Grotesk Medium
New Grotesk Medium Italic
New Grotesk Semi Bold
New Grotesk Semi Bold Italic
New Grotesk Bold
New Grotesk Bold Italic