Mesca is a distinctive multi-language font with characters (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic) for industry and digital, with elegant, high-quality typographic responses to the complex technological needs for different media and digital uniforms: TV screens, computers, and mobile phones, smartwatches also editorial fields such as print or digital magazines, books. Furthermore, its multifunctional character goes far beyond editorial and digital use. It promises great performance in terms of branding, advertising, signage, mobile app, etc.

Mesca is a contemporary humanist sans-serif font with a generous x-height and slightly condensed proportions. Which offers a combination of good readability and space-saving. Built on rational lines of pure geometry, which presents a notable inclination in the terminals of the letters with external and internal acute angles that create a strong contrast.


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Mesca Thin
Mesca Thin Italic
Mesca Extra Light
Mesca Extra Light Italic
Mesca Light
Mesca Light Italic
Mesca Regular
Mesca Medium
Mesca Medium Italic
Mesca Semi Bold
Mesca Semi Bold Italic
Mesca Bold
Mesca Bold Italic
Mesca Extra Bold
Mesca Extra Bold Italic
Mesca Black
Mesca Black Italic