iPad Pro Standard Mockups


Probably the best iPad Pro Mockups out there. Pixel-perfect and highly variable iPad Pro Standard Mockups are made to make your portfolio case study creation as easy as never before. Choose your preferable color for the iPad Pro, feel free to choose the shadow most appropriate for your case-study. Add 3D shapes and mix with a collection of textures – create your unique presentation. You can also customize 3D shapes to any color you want with just a few clicks.

Here’s what’s included:
• iPad Pro in landscape and portrait orientations
• iPad Pro in three colors – Silver, Space Gray, Any color
• Pencil
• 7 different shadows
• 10x color changable 3D shapes
• 27 textures
• 7 example designs
• All PSD files, 6400×4400, 16bit, 300dpi

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